Action, Adventure and Sports

Action, Adventure and Sport

Add adrenaline and fun to your vacation!

Have you already seen enough churches, monuments, museums and works of art and do you want strong emotions?

Fight like the Roman gladiators in the arena, dive into the sky from 4000 meters, face the rapids of the rivers, challenge your friends in a grand prize of go karts, cross bridges suspended in the trees!

Helicopter flight with pilot-instructor near Rome

Experience the thrill of the helicopter flight, while admiring enchanting landscapes around Rome

Starting from € 400,00

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helicopter flight over Rome

Panoramic helicopter flight around Rome

Admire the beauty of Rome and its surroundings with an evocative scenic helicopter flight

Starting from € 1.990,00

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Attend Roman gladiator school for a day

Challenge yourself with the training of Roman gladiators and legionaries

Starting from € 39,00

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Soft Rafting on the rivers of Rome

Experience the unique thrill of rafting along the rivers of Rome

Starting from € 22,00

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Horse ride on the Appia Antica

An excursion on horseback that combines archaeology, history, nature and sport to discover Rome in an original and dynamic way

Starting from € 52,00

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Simulatore di volo a Roma

Experience the thrill of getting into the cockpit of a modern aircraft, sitting at the controls and taking off without even leaving the ground!

Starting from € 259,00

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Tandem Paragliding near Rome

Paragliding in the beautiful surroundings of Rome: a unique experience you can't miss!

Starting from € 149,00

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Rome on two wheels: bike tours

Discover Rome’s beauty as you freewheel along her most scenic tracks in the saddle of a bicycle, a healthy mean of experiencing the Eternal City

Starting from € 30,00

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Go Karting in Rome

Challenge your friends to a thrilling contest of speed and skill driving in go karts

Starting from € 47,00

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Adventure park in Rome and its surroundings

Action, fun and challenges await you in the adventure parks of Rome!

Starting from € 22,00

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Horseback riding on the beach near Rome

Riding on the beach in front of the immense expanse of the sea, whose intense aroma will inebriate you, is a unique experience

Starting from € 70,00

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Tandem Parachute Jump near Rome

For thrill seekers there is nothing better than skydiving!

Starting from € 265,00

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Equestrian Escapades: Horse Riding in Veio Park

Just a few kilometres from Rome, the blissful tranquillity and vibrant colours of the idyllic Veio Park are best experienced on horseback

Starting from € 30,00

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Canyoning near Rome

Canyoning is an evocative combination of wild nature, the spirit of adventure and skilled sport

Starting from € 44,00

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Excursions to the Nature Parks around Rome

Let us take you on a journey of discovery, into the heart of the Natural Parks that enrich Rome’s surrounding areas with an incredible array of landscapes

Starting from € 250,00

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Scenic Flight by Ultralight Plane near Rome

An exciting panoramic flight aboard an ultra-light plane, to admire from above some areas of Rome and its beautiful surroundings

Starting from € 335,00

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Paintballing in Rome

Paintballing is more than a game; it’s high-octane team action for you and your friends!

Starting from € 26,00

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Laser Game in Rome

Become players in a real-life videogame, just like in the famous movie Tron

Starting from € 15,00

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Battlefield: War Simulation

A thrilling wargame that takes place in an outdoor arena, recreating a real battlefield

Starting from € 150,00

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Orienteering in Roma

Could you find your way in the woods? For the adventurers out there, our orienteering experience is just the thing for you!

Starting from € 35,00

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Scenic flight among legend, sea and nature

We offer you an exciting panoramic flight over the Circeo Nature Reserve, one of the most beautiful and suggestive natural areas near Rome

Starting from € 390,00

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Scenic Hot Air Balloon Flight near Rome

Try the magical experience of a hot air balloon flight!

Starting from € 1.100,00

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Rafting in Umbria

Rafting in Umbria near the spectacular Marmore waterfalls

Starting from € 38,00

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Nature Walks with a difference

Our itineraries weave together history, nature and adventure, and will allow you to relive the epic experiences of the great explorers of the Grand Tour

Starting from € 250,00

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Frozen! Excursion on Fresh Snow with Snowshoes

Leave the hustle and bustle of the city, and trade chaos for the muffled beauty of the snow-clad mountains

Starting from € 50,00

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Biking trip through villages and lakes of Sabina

All-inclusive biking trip through Sabina between lakes, forests, medieval villages and picturesque mountains

Starting from € 820,00

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Vintage Car Tours Near Rome

Visit Rome or explore its sourrondings on board of gorgeous vintage cars & snappy sports cars

Starting from € 750,00

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Boat trips on the Tiber near Rome

Explore the Tiber River and the surroundings of Rome on board a boat

Starting from € 12,00

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Play and Discover

Visit the Italian cities in an original and entertaining way with our Treasure Hunts

We ❤ making Treasure Hunts!

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What they say about us

  • Riccardo has been an extremely great treasure hunt organizer!
    We've asked for a custom treasure hunt for a birthday and
    he had great "do you dare" ideas and very kind attentions for the birthday girl.
    The treasure hunt allows you to visit Rome in a very entertaining way.
    Also, everything is delivered or brought at your accomodation
    so you're very flexible on the time.
    Thanks again Riccardo!

    United Kingdom
  • We were charged with organizing a great evening event with dinner
    for 130 international attendees for our 2018 Leadership conference in Rome.
    After searching for many ideas, we settled on a cooking class and found Fragrance Tour.
    Throughout all of the planning, the communication was prompt and courteous and detailed.
    We presented several challenges for Roman & Riccardo and they handled every obstacle with ease.
    The restaurant they used was a lovely venue and the owners
    were very gracious and welcoming and accommodating, even for last minute requests.
    This was our highest rated evening event of our conference
    and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.
    I would highly recommend their services if you are in need of tour or event planners in Rome!


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